5 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Cafe’s Popularity

The popularity of your café is directly proportional to the sales made per unit time. Therefore, it is imperative to put in place measures that will increase the popularity of your café. The understanding here is that you have to see into it that your café becomes the talk of the day to the people who have ever visited it. In that case, they do the advertising for you through word of mouth. This is done voluntarily from the customers without the cost, and the accuracy of the information they give to the potential customers is dependent on the incentives and the quality of services you offer them to endear them to your café.

  1. Manageable Alternatives

Leeper and lynengar (2000) conducted a popular study on the purchases based on alternatives. On one table, they set a menu of three produces while on the other, the customer could select from 24 alternatives. The results were that many people visited the table with more alternatives but very few made purchases at 3 percent. On the other hand, of the total number of those who went to the table with only three option, though few, those who actually purchased were 13 percent. The assumption here is that many alternatives end up being confusing. Saving them the hustle of choosing by serving quality products will make them want to come back for more.

  1. Loyalty program

Loyalty programs are essential tools that you can use in your café. The give customers with insights when it comes to preferences, improve loyalty while at the same time studies have shown that customers tend to feel safe while in your café. Kivets, Zhen, and Urminsky, conducted a study in 2006 using the reward card in a café. The findings were that while shopping, the customers with reward cards smiled more, had longer chats with café employees, left with a thank you and tips often that the customers who were not part of the loyalty programs. Therefore, it can be deduced that, when customers are happy, they will come back again and will tell others about your café.

  1. Easy Inclusion in the Loyalty Program

When people perceive that the goal distance is short, they get more motivated to do their best to achieve it. Kivets, Zhen, and Urminsky furthered their studies and separated the customers into two groups in the reward club. A 10-boxes stamp cared was given to group A for each member to get it stamped to be entitled to a free coffee. On the other hand, group B was issued with 12-boxes whereby two of them were already stamped. Even though both cards required the same amount of purchase to qualify for a reward, those who had two already stamped filled their cards stamped faster. The two boxes that already been stamped gave a perception that they were closer to the objective and made purchases more often to reach the target faster. It is therefore advisable to leverage this effect when designing the loyalty program so that participation is at optimum. When it is fun doing it, the customers might perceive it as some sort of competition and buy more often.

  1. Create Nostalgia Through Emotions

Rational messages are less memorable compared to emotional messages. However, it is vital to creating a scenario whereby nostalgia is the end game rather and greed. Nostalgia and greed would make them buy more. However, nostalgia is longer lasting. Studies have indicated that when nostalgia is elicited, the customer value money less and therefore can make purchases regardless of whether they are spending more. It could be catchy to leverage the aspect by using in-store musing and pictures that capture the interests and good times of the people, retro music holidays, families are some of the ploys often used, and the do the trick.

  1. Personalize

Things that are often important to people make them pay more attention to them. Quite often, when people hear their name (a word that magically activates some sections of the brain), also, when they hear something that they are interested in such as favorite band, sport or a country or a wonder that they have recently visited.

6. Get Good Equipment

When owning a Cafe, the most important thing is the equipment you use for making coffee, juices, cakes etc. You should make sure your equipment is of high quality which attracts customers to your cafe. You can find commercial coffee makers in Dubai  here.

Using the set loyalty program, it is easy to gain intelligent circulating the customers and their actions. The data can be used to personalize and optimize products, communication, and offers. Knowing the names of the regular customers can work magic too. When the people identified themselves with your café, they become frequent customers, and they come with others.

How To Buy The Best Food Dehydrator?

As a homeowner, buying a food dehydrator is one of the best decisions you will ever make – next to installing solar and smart home automation systems. As you already know, a great food dehydrator is essential for your home.

Not only will it help you dry your food but also it will extend the shelf life of the food as well as eliminate wastage. The problem is the market is currently flooded with models from several brands around the world. Choosing any one of these models is difficult especially if this is your first purchase.

So, how do you know which food dehydrator is good for you?

To help you purchase the best food dehydrator available in 2018, we have compiled a guide that includes factors you should consider before making your purchase as well as useful tips.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Food Dehydrator?

Type of food dehydrator

There are two major types, namely:

  • Horizontal flow food dehydrator
  • Vertical flow food dehydrator

Horizontal flow food dehydrator

Also referred to as a shelf tray food dehydrator, it works just like a conventional oven. Simply put, the source of heat is located at the back and heat is distributed in and around the shelves allowing for consistency during drying.

The heat is able to dehydrate food at a stable rate which makes it the best choice for dehydrating meat. As the easiest to use, all you need is to arrange your food on the shelves and turn on the dehydrator. Compared to the vertical flow model, it’s large in size and the most expensive.

Vertical flow food dehydrator

Also referred to as a stackable unit food dehydrator, the source of heat can be located at the top or at the base of the dehydrator. As the most affordable option, it usually does not allow the spread of heat evenly in the dehydrator. To counter this, there are models fitted with a fan which helps to improve heat flow. The vertical flow model is suitable for dehydrating fruits and vegetables. If you are planning on dehydrating meat or jerky with this model, you will be in for a long wait.

Ease of use

Food dehydration is supposed to be easy. Thankfully, there are available models that help to ensure this is possible. In order to ensure that you don’t switch shelves around during dehydration, look for a model that works with the type of food you would like to dehydrate.

For instance, if you are dehydrating fruits or vegetables, the vertical flow food dehydrator is the ideal model. The good news is that you can still use the horizontal flow model too. Since the source of heat is at the back and the shelves are laid horizontally, heat will flow in and out while drying your food.

With the right model, you don’t have to keep on checking the progress of dehydration. Just set everything and walk away until it’s done.


Let’s face it. No one likes what comes after using a kitchen appliance – cleaning. When shopping for a food dehydrator, it is important to keep in mind how much effort will go towards cleaning the device. If the number of parts to clean are too many, then you can opt for other models. There are things you need to keep in mind especially when it comes to cleaning.

Are the parts dishwasher safe? Where is the fan located – top, back or bottom? Taking into account all the above considerations will ensure that you get to purchase a model that is easy to clean.


How much food would you like to dehydrate in one go? How much space is available on your kitchen counter to store the dehydrator? Is the available space close to a power outlet? Buying a smaller model means it will occupy less space in your kitchen but it won’t hold much. The good news is that it will be easier to store a small size dehydrator.

If you opt for a larger model, you will get to dehydrate a large batch at once. Problem is it will occupy more space on your kitchen counter and when it comes to storage; it will prove to be hard but doable. If you want to dehydrate more food, choose a larger model but have enough space in your kitchen. If you want to dehydrate a small batch for snacking, opt for a smaller model.

Extra features

When shopping for a dehydrator, there are a few extra features that will make a huge difference. One of them is the auto shutoff feature. If you are dehydrating a large batch of food, you can take time to complete other chores inside or outside your home. With the auto shut off, the food dehydrator will shutoff once the process is complete.

Another feature you should look out for is the thermostat. Since different foods are best dried at different temperatures, food dehydrators with a thermostat can allow you to adjust the temperature to achieve the best results.

Lastly, you have the timer which works together with the auto shut off feature. Simply put, it will alert you when dehydration is complete.


Every model is priced differently. Prices can range from a few bucks to over $600 for commercial size dehydrators. Before buying a food dehydrator, you need to budget. This will eliminate the chances of overspending. In addition, it will ensure that you don’t break the bank and you will get to go home with the best food dehydrator.

Final Thoughts

There you have it – an informative guide to help you purchase the best food dehydrator. Just to recap some of the points highlighted above. When shopping for a food dehydrator for home use, consider the type – vertical flow or horizontal flow, ease of use, capacity, convenience, extra features, and size.

Good luck!

Tips Every Restaurateur Must Know

People in the food service industry spend a lot of time designing dining spaces with a captivating ambiance and creating appetizing menus. What restaurateurs often fail to do is to give adequate attention to the little details that make all the difference. The details we’re talking about here are table settings, the level of comfort provided by the furniture and the quality of the service.

If you are in charge of a restaurant and are looking for ways in which to make your patron’s dining experience more enjoyable, these are the things that you need to get in order:


Evolution is the key, you cannot stay at one single place for too long, you may become static, and the competition would destroy your business. To evolve appropriately, a restaurateur will have to lay his focus on people and effective communication with people. As long as you are unable to be in touch with your potential customers, you won’t be able to evolve correctly.

Know your customers:

In the retail food industry, the customer is the king, and you have to treat them like gold. Nothing serves better than knowing your customers well. If you know them well, you are halfway through success, because they are the ones who make your business successful. Pay careful attention to what they want in what manner and when they want. This may take time but don’t stop, continue doing what is required to be done and when you’re prepared for this, you may have achieved an ability to upsell their favorite items to them. An alternative way of doing this is creating a database of every common consumer and identifying patterns in the same and use it appropriately.

Creating signature dishes:

In a country like India, where there are people finding a rocking place to eat every day, you need to do something different to make people chose your restaurant. Many restaurants have increasingly started to come up with their signature dishes. Your signature dish should not look similar to anyone else’s, that’s the point of calling it a signature dish. Statistics reveal that word of mouth marketing brings about 3 % leads. You should speak about your signature dishes during your marketing campaigns and put up billboards in and around your restaurant, ask your staff to recommend them to the customers if they ask. If you succeed to make your dish popular, that dish alone would lead you to the stars, perhaps.

Treat your customers as gold:

In the restaurant business, there is no substitute for word of mouth. It almost certainly so happens that the person or the group of people visiting the restaurant will speak about it and share their experience. Now it isn’t necessary that they speak well of you, your restaurant, the food and the experience there. There is every possibility that they would speak negatively about their time and experience with you and nobody other than you would be responsible. Hence it is imperative to treat customers like gold.

Training to the staff:

No one appreciates an unpleasant behavior on the part of a waiter or a person who serves or a person who cleans. In fact, if their behavior is anything other than merry. Train your staff to greet the customers and interact with them in a friendly manner. This also works the other way round, when employees learn something different and new, they are enthusiastic to put it to use, and this leads to customer satisfaction.

Listening to complaints and working on them:

A lot of restaurants that I have come across duly take feedback from customers but hardly do anything to resolve it. Don’t do this. Listen to the complaints and work on them, work in them immediately. Delaying such things is as good as ignoring them. If your valued customer is taking efforts and making out time to give you feedback, you are insulting him if you don’t work on it. They are the people who care about the restaurant and hence they are criticizing constructively.

Maintaining a clean, hygienic and welcoming environment on an average life of the equipment’s and another dining area of the restaurant is around ten years, so it’s undoubtedly clear to buy the best quality that you can afford, paint it, polish it and maintain it. Dining area and the table is the place where your customers come, sit and wait for their food to arrive, a lot of people look at the artwork or decorations or paintings around.

Dirty baseboards or Chipped paint stand out and can ruin the overall experience and why they may or may not return to your restaurant. Many people, especially women choose their restaurant based on how clean the washroom and kitchen is, so it’s always recommended to ensure you have a person regularly attending these areas. Consulting a professional or some experienced restaurant designers and the equipment specialists would ensure any upgrades that may maximize your dining and space management.

Tips to Improve Your Staff Morale And Punctuality

Reaching the targets set by the business can be highly straining if workers aren’t pulling together for the common good. This is especially true in groups that contain a mixed bag of personalities and in areas where it is all about business.

So if you want to promote healthy cafe morale within your workforce here are things you may want to consider,

  1. Provide staff with clear objectives so that they are aware of the targets they need to reach each day or week and when they are successful reward them with something to show that you have taken notice of their hard work. There are plenty of incentives, other than a pay rise that you can provide to spur them on you can give them an extra hour off later in the year or show others that they have become staff worker of the week. Goodwill can be made stronger just with this simple technique.


  1. Arrange appraisals with each staff worker on a regular basis so that you can comment on their good points and recent successes. Office staff will be grateful for the opportunity to air their concerns in a private manner. Allowing them to talk about their issues will aid you no end and help you to find an avenue through which to solve them quickly and lessen the dark office atmosphere. Cite some criticisms if you want but ensure that they are put forward in a personable fashion and in a constructive way.


  1. Training- training schemes so why not find a staff training scheme for your team to attend. You could even stumble across a few employees who are perfect nominees for on-site promotion. Some staff workers may be encouraged to improve and want to forge a better relationship with colleagues to get them a higher salaried job with better prospects and contacts.


  1. You may even want to find fun activities. There are a lot of different facilities that can enable your company to become an integrated team. However, if your company has just moved into cubicle space, then you are advises that you take a look around to locate all of the facilities.


  1. To show a keen interest and fresh outlook on the business yourself and others will want to be a part of the fun. Illustrating an unhappy disposition because of your work responsibilities won’t help the staff to feel good about their duties. Make sure you are a joyful leader, and you will surely see an improvement in the setting of your workplace, so they feel delighted by the prospect of turning up to work on a weekday morning to perform better.


  1. Share your mission, values, and beliefs with each employee. Make sure everyone in your organization knows the task, purpose, and goals of the organization. Remind the participants at the beginning of meetings or internal presentations. Use motivational posters to underline the messages the company is committed to. Realize that sharing an exciting mission with a strong sense of purpose is far more exciting than just performing an independent job.


  1. Focus on the people you recruit. Choose people who are naturally motivated ,who have a sense of pride; who are ready to go “the extra mile”; who understand that “good enough” is never; who have a love of detail; who judges his work independently of others. Test these attributes during the interview.


  1. Make sure you give accurate, sincere, generous and fair feedback. Studies have shown that positive feedback much better motivates people. Instead of focusing on the weaknesses of the employees, focus on their strengths and praise them when praise is earned. The recognition of good work contributes significantly to maintaining employee motivation. It can be a non-monetary reward, such as public praise or simply a thank-you note for special efforts. Awards do not have to be expensive: a bottle of wine, chocolates, cakes, gift certificates can be valued as well as a big bonus. If mistakes happen, public criticism will only lead to demotivation, privately dealing with constructive criticism.


  1. Avoid micromanagement. Although employees need to know when and how tasks have to be performed, they can not reach their full potential if they overly work with micromanagement. This type of management creates an atmosphere of mistrust and leads to under performance, inefficiency and ineffective behavior. Giving the employee autonomy and responsibility with responsibility is much more effective and creates a true sense of personal achievement.

Habits That Unsuccessful People Have In Common

Surprisingly enough successful people have certain traits unsuccessful people do not have. Here are some of them: Successful people make fast decisions and take immediate action. When something crosses their desk, they don’t have a “deal with it later” box. They make a quick decision and take action about their choice also immediately. This also goes for business decisions: Is this good for my business? Do it. Is it too expensive, time-consuming and with some risk? Forget it.

If there is a task they need to do daily, they do it everyday even when they don´t feel like doing it. They do what it takes to get to their goal. Feelings are irrelevant.They focus on only one thing at a time. They know that if your focus is divided, it is more difficult to hit your target. Center helps you get direction, and it keeps you motivated. Every one of us has the same amount of time at our disposal. Successful people use that time more wisely by focusing more on one task and not allowing distractions to side-track them from their goal. They master time. Unsuccessful people waste it.Here are Habits That Unsuccessful People Have In Common

Defer: If you delay until tomorrow and you can do it easily today, you delay everything you indefinitely want. Successful people are experts who act or delegate. Being successful and having a high-caliber career does not take twenty hours a day; You need help and a team of people who can outsource anything that is not on your main task list. Move with your activity, and you will be surprised to know how many people help you

Lack of faith – This is not a religious declaration, it is about self-confidence. If you do not believe that you have something that you lack and do not believe in the result you want, your energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to your goal will disappear and, in extreme cases, disappear altogether. Knowing that you have the same ability to reach your goal, and that persistence and application will take you there, is the key to the days when you can not see the desired result.

  • Taking A lot. Some people love to talk, usually about themselves; They love being the center of attention and never take the time to listen to someone else. Listening is how we learn. Talk more than you talk Pay attention to the things people say. Nobody learns anything when listening to himself. We learn and improve in life.
  • Negative thoughts. People who always focus on the bathroom lose many good things in life. Instead of looking for a solution and finding a solution, each small obstacle is considered a tragedy. The solutions are never seen, only problems. If you are always negative, you do nothing but sabotage yourself, achieve something.

Think positive thoughts about yourself, your life and each situation; try to see solutions and no problems

  • Impulsive behavior. Acting without thinking about the consequences of your action can put you in real trouble. If you are involved in promiscuous sex, shoplifting, reckless driving, etc., your sensational behavior will cause social, financial and potential legal problems.Always consider the consequences before acting.
  • Low self-esteem. Low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence . If you do not trust yourself, how can you trust others? When it comes to romance, men and women say that self-confidence is one of the three best qualities of a person. When it comes to business, nobody will trust you if you do not have it.

You can develop self-esteem by learning new skills and thinking about yourself and your life.

  • Without setting goals. All those who succeed in life have short-term and long-term goals. By not setting goals and working to achieve them, people waste a lot of time doing nothing. Set goals, write and work to achieve those goals. This will prevent you from wasting time.

If you set short and long-term goals for yourself, you can evolve in life. Instead of turning the wheels and not going anywhere.

  • Follow instead of lead. The followers never seem to have any idea. To be an executive, good communication skills, ability to influence and motivate others, and good management skills are required.

While not all are natural leaders; These skills can be learned.

  • Everyone else blames. Blame everyone except you and your actions when something does not work. After all, we have to learn from history, not repeat it, right?

The only way to change your life is to change your bad habits, character defects and personality traits that stop you. Not everyone is ready to look at them long and honestly. Many opportunities are lost if we do not learn from our mistakes and progress.

If you discover that you have one of these personality traits, you may be held back. Do not expect someone or something to come and change your life; Make a plan and start today! No more doubts. Only you can change your life.

Ways To Turn New Customers Into Repeat Customers

What is your expectation for a loyal customer? Hopefully, you expect those become a regular customer and buy from you again and again. I believe businessman is eager to possess a large number of regular customers. As we all know that, it is much easier and more cost effective to resell to a current customer than to acquire a new customer.

Even though we always need to find ways to bring in the new customers we need to have a system in place to keep our current customer satisfied. We now live in a world where customer expectations are everything. Like the old saying goes “what the customer wants the customer gets.” This saying has taken on new meaning, and it is getting harder to come up with unexpected ways of delighting and surprising the loyal customers.

The following are a few methods that can keep your customers satisfied and always coming back for more.

Keep the Customer be Early Bird

Everyone loves to be in the loop. So, make sure that your loyal customers always know what is going on first; whether that is an upcoming sale, new product launch, or some big news in your industry that could affect them as a consumer. A great way to do this is to get them subscribe to you via email, e-newsletter, or social media whatever way you choose to get the important information out.

Free Service

Why nickel and dime your customer if they already account for a large amount of your profits. The free service will go a long ago to making the loyal, long-time customer appreciate you that much more.

Keep Flexible

Are you always there when they need you? Always look to make yourself and business flexible. This could be as simple as opening up the store 15minutes earlier so they can stop by before work or returning a phone call later in the evening because it is more convenient for them.

Special Promotion

Run special promotions just for your loyal customers throughout the year. Look to have a system in place where more the customer spends with you the more they save, but you have to make it worth it for the customer. Giving your top customers 10% off is a slap in the face. Make them remember why they choose to do repeat business with you and make the promotion or sale a wow factor.

Free Gift

Many people in business give away gifts to new customers when they buy the products or service for the first time, but why not give a gift to our customer who already does lots of business with us. There is no better time to take this strategy than the holidays, but there is something to be said for receiving the random gift just because someone appreciates you. Trust me you’ll stand out more.

Check and maintain good quality of your products or services: For customers who have purchased your products before, try to serve them better and better. Never make them lose the trust they had in you. If you break an appointment with one of your customers or receive any complaint about the quality of your products, never try to void the problem. Instead, face it and talk seriously to your customers to work out some solutions or offer them compensation if necessary. In any case, assure them that the problem will not occur in the future.

A very important thing which may badly affect your image is the way you hire your customer support team. Remember that a business can never get loyal customers if it does not have loyal employees. Be extremely careful when your recruit your team and give them the best training to improve their skills to support your customers. You should also care about their living conditions. To earn your employees’ trust is to improve the image of your business in your customers’ view. This is very important!

In conclusion, once your business gains the trust and loyalty of some customers, try to maintain and develop the relationships with them. They will become a very effective marketing channel in the future. Always remember that good customer service is the key. Once you have it, customers will naturally come to you.

How to Run a Successful Cafe

Thinking of opening a coffee shop business? There are several reasons why you haven’t started it yet. Maybe you are wondering how and where to begin. You could have a dilemma about what kind of company structure you will register for. Or maybe you are afraid it will cost too much to open a cafe. Getting the right answers can help you get that business of the ground.

How to run a successful cafe

The Sandwich Griller

Warm cheese oozing out of fresh bread is the stuff of dreams. To make the perfect grilled sandwich the first step is to switch on the griller machine and allow it to preheat. The beauty of this machine is that it has dual cooking surfaces which will enable you to build two or three layers. So if one layer has chicken, the other can have corn and so on and so forth. Remember to add enough butter on both sides of the bread to brush oil on the surface of the equipment before you begin. To remove the sandwich, you can take the help of a plastic spatula. Another great thing about this is that it is has a non-stick surface thereby making the process of cleaning easy-breezy.

The Water Boiler

Conversations flow more freely as you keep refilling cups of tea and coffee. To give your customers a glitch-free experience, get a Commercial Boiler Online. At first they might appear to be a bit too costly, but in the long run, they will end up saving your money. The double walled construction with Puff insulation ensures that minimal amount of electricity is used. With this, you can get ten to even thirty litres of hot water instantaneously. It is 100% safe to use and can speed up your beverage department by leaps and bounds.

The Crepe Making Machine

Crepes are the latest craze that has found its way from French soils to Indian ones. This thin pastry if oft coated in sugar and various other glazes and happens to be a top pick during breakfast and brunch alike. Serving flavour-filled moist crepes could earn you a lifetime of customer loyalty. Preparing it is not much of a hassle anyway. The crepe making machines come in stainless steel and have thermostat control which prevents the crepes from overcooking or burning. They come in simple and compact shapes and are very easy to clean.

The Waffle Maker

A plate of tasty waffles topped off with chocolate sauce or ice-cream is a favorite among kids and adults alike. The only catch is that this Belgian delicacy can’t be constructed without a waffle maker.

Here are some tips for the prospective cafe owner on how to choose the right furniture.

Decide on and stick to a budget. While cafe furniture is important and there is no doubt that pricey ones can enhance any establishment, expensive furniture can set a cafe owner back for thousands of dollars. Expensive furniture might not be worth it in the long run as even furniture trends constantly change and what is new and trendy today is going to be old tomorrow.

The key to having a great interior is to select a theme that will enhance the establishment. Pick a unique design for the cafe and consider that when looking for commercial cafe furniture. Many cafes today look like clones of more successful ones because people like to think that what worked for this establishment may work for theirs, too. Consulting an interior designer would help cafe owners determine a unique design that would represent their brand, as well as pick the right furniture for the establishment.

Purchasing cafe furniture is a lot like purchasing a dress or a shirt. These owners need to measure the room before they head out to buy some furniture. That is because the number of furniture that can be ordered is dependent on the exact measure of the room.

Cafes are usually casual establishments so the owners should pick furniture that is laidback and inviting. Ergonomics is not only limited to the workplace, and cafe owners should consider this when they shop for commercial furniture.

The chairs and the tables should neither be too high nor too low, and the customer’s feet should rest comfortably on the floor. If the cafe owners decide to purchase a high stool, it should have a footrest, and its height should be easily adjusted.

Cafes that predominantly serve coffee should get seats that are comfortable enough for people to sink into. Armchairs, tub chairs, as well as ottomans are recommended for this type of establishments. Wooden chairs with upholstery are great for cafes like this, too. Also, thermoplastic chairs with modern designs are great for trendy cafes, as well as wicker chairs with reinforced wires and chairs with upholstered seats and backs.

A last piece of advice, though: commercial cafe furniture should be sturdy. Investing in cheap, but easily broken furniture would be a waste of time and money. Instead of buying these chairs and tables, cafe owners should purchase ones that are moderately priced, yet are durable enough to withstand wear and tear. The furniture should also withstand the elements, such as the heat and humidity if an owner decides to set up an outdoor cafe.

How to Start a Coffee Shop With a Competitive Advantage

Running your coffee shop is not as simple as it may first seem. A coffee shop, unlike any other business, will see many people enter and exit the shop throughout the day. Most people will spend no more than 10 minutes in the shop on average. The high amount of foot traffic is what makes running this type of business hectic both for owners and employees.

Below we take a look at a few tips which should help you run a clean and profitable coffee shop.

Tip no. 1

Your employees need to be courteous, helpful and knowledgeable. Employees who are courteous will make customers feel comfortable mainly because many times people do not know much about coffee. Having baristas with knowledge will help customers make the right decisions. Spending a few minutes chatting with customers will also influence their decision to return for another cup a few hours later or the next day.

Tip no. 2

Offer free Wifi! Back when Wifi was still unheard of by regular people cafe owners were the first to offer this service to writers, students and anyone else who happened to have a WiFi enabled laptop. By providing free internet, many cafe owners can encourage people with smartphones and laptops to stay longer which in turn mean that they sip more coffee. Offer a service besides serving excellent coffee. Nowadays, a café must have Wi-Fi. A free in this because you can get Wi-Fi for free elsewhere. Some people like to work or surf while drinking coffee. Provide fast internet and a few tables suitable for them to install laptops.

Tip no. 3

While most people don’t expect to spend too much time in a coffee shop making it comfortable will undoubtedly encourage people to stay longer than they want. Things should be clean and neat with a series of natural to reach waste bins. You can also hang paintings and play some relaxing music so that people feel more comfortable.

Tip no. 4

The one reason why people visit a coffee shop is obviously for coffee, but this does not mean you can’t sell a few extras. Many coffee shops make a sizable chunk of their income from selling croissants, breakfast and sandwiches.

Tip no. 5

Having a separate line for speciality coffee is a great idea. When you’re running a coffee shop, you need to be fast and efficient. However, the one thing that causes a bottleneck during these so-called peak hours is people ordering speciality coffee. So by providing them with a separate line and counter you’re speeding things up significantly.

Tip no. 6

You should hold a cupping session for the baristas working for you. This is similar to wine tasting except for here coffee is being tasted. Cupping sessions are beneficial when it comes to training employees to describe various coffee flavours as well as understand the different types of blends. Also, cupping is essential to improving the taste and texture of the coffee being prepared in your cafe.

Tip no. 7

Employ employees with a good work ethic who can have a right image for your café. As they say, your employees are a reflection of you and your coffee shop business. Check your employees well and choose those with a cheerful and pleasant personality. Watch your employees during peak hours and see who can handle pressure well without being visibly irritable. It can get crazy during peak hours. They want to keep employees who can remain comfortable under pressure and work efficiently.

Tip no. 8

Find a place where many coffee drinkers hang out. These places are universities, libraries or bookstores and office buildings. You also have to see if there are other cafes in this area. Check new communities that are being developed. In places, you first shop, you have better chances of success. You can search for further communities by surfing websites owned by real estate developers.

Tip no. 9

Remember the atmosphere in your business. It’s important that people outside your coffee house can also see a comfortable-looking coffee house. It will encourage people to come inside. Use a dimmer to adjust the lighting; you do not want your lights to be too bright or too white; equip your café with comfortable sofás; provide some reading material, and use colours and artwork to make your coffee shop more inviting.

Making your coffee cafe a success requires hard work and love for your business. The more you love your business, the harder you will work, and you will never feel as if you’re working too hard to be successful.

5 Ways to maximize your coffee shop’s revenue

The coffee shop business is really trending. Most investors are thinking or starting coffee shops. Before starting this business, you must choose an excellent location and hire the right employees at your shop. Starting a coffee shop business is an easy task. The problem comes in when you want to increase the profit margin of the company. For this reason, you have to look for ways that will ensure that you are getting enough profits at your coffee shop.

In a coffee shop business, there is a huge difference between increasing turnover and increasing revenue. Sometimes, increasing turnover will cause you to incur additional costs. For instance; serving more expensive beverages and healthier snacks will cost you quite a lot of money but increase turnover. To make the profits more than the expenses, you have to use strategies that will maximize revenue at your coffee shop. The following are some of the most effective methods;

Investing in gift cards and loyalty schemes

These days, gift cards have become very popular. All customers enjoy giving and receiving gift cards. This is because these cards offer customers a lot of freedom and flexibility in that they can purchase any product or service they want, anytime they want. The coffee shop business should, therefore, take advantage of this trend. Customers can buy coffee or other snacks offered at the shop by redeeming points using the gift cards. It is a very useful way of generating more sales in the business.

Employing point-of-sale and point-of-purchase promotions

Not once or twice have you visited the supermarket and made a last-minute decision to buy something you had not planned to. This is what is referred to as point-of-sale or point-of-purchase marketing. A large percentage of customers become victims of impulse buying-purchasing something that you had not planned to. Impulse buying is a plus for any business. The coffee shop owner should take advantage of this trend and place small, affordable items such as chocolates, cookies, cakes or other things that you think your customers might need near the cash register. For this approach to be successful, you need first to understand your customers and know what makes them happy. Talk to them face-to-face and conduct a market research. Do this as many times as you can because people keep changing what they want.

Introduce games at your coffee shop

Your business will not be profitable if customers only order a single cup of coffee and then use the table space for the next two hours. You need to look for a way that will get your customers stick around and take more drinks. Try games such as the puzzles, and board games. Some people only go to coffee shops to socialize and catch up with their friends and family. When people meet in a group, they will naturally order for drinks and snacks to enjoy together. People will enjoy meeting other people more in a game-playing space. Convert your coffee shop into such an area, and you will find many countless people streaming into the shop. The more people visit, the more the profits.

Maintaining pricing that reflects the quality of your products

In most cases, coffee is considered a luxury. The pricing of every coffee shop should, therefore, reflect this. Most countries such as the United Kingdom have adopted a price increase to increase profit and especially during the peak hours. This strategy is very efficient and especially if you are using quality coffee beans to prepare coffee at your café. Some clients are even ready to pay premium prices for quality drinks. Therefore, make high quality and increase the cost especially during the peak times. Customers will still take it, and you will increase the revenue margin of your business.

Simplify your menu and eliminate low=margin items

Your primary function here is to sell coffee. This must remain your primary focus. Therefore, you should remove all the products that do not support the sale of coffee or even strengthen the image of your brand. This way, you will be able to streamline what you are providing to your customers and create the right menu. You will be reducing your expenses and increasing profits.

The demand for coffee has increased in many countries. However, the massive demand has led to a lot of competition. If a person who has invested in the coffee shop business is not careful, it might be difficult to maintain a healthy profit. Using the above strategies will ensure that you increase the revenue in your coffee shop day after day.