5 Surprising Ways to Boost Your Cafe’s Popularity

The popularity of your café is directly proportional to the sales made per unit time. Therefore, it is imperative to put in place measures that will increase the popularity of your café. The understanding here is that you have to see into it that your café becomes the talk of the day to the people who have ever visited it. In that case, they do the advertising for you through word of mouth. This is done voluntarily from the customers without the cost, and the accuracy of the information they give to the potential customers is dependent on the incentives and the quality of services you offer them to endear them to your café.

  1. Manageable Alternatives

Leeper and lynengar (2000) conducted a popular study on the purchases based on alternatives. On one table, they set a menu of three produces while on the other, the customer could select from 24 alternatives. The results were that many people visited the table with more alternatives but very few made purchases at 3 percent. On the other hand, of the total number of those who went to the table with only three option, though few, those who actually purchased were 13 percent. The assumption here is that many alternatives end up being confusing. Saving them the hustle of choosing by serving quality products will make them want to come back for more.

  1. Loyalty program

Loyalty programs are essential tools that you can use in your café. The give customers with insights when it comes to preferences, improve loyalty while at the same time studies have shown that customers tend to feel safe while in your café. Kivets, Zhen, and Urminsky, conducted a study in 2006 using the reward card in a café. The findings were that while shopping, the customers with reward cards smiled more, had longer chats with café employees, left with a thank you and tips often that the customers who were not part of the loyalty programs. Therefore, it can be deduced that, when customers are happy, they will come back again and will tell others about your café.

  1. Easy Inclusion in the Loyalty Program

When people perceive that the goal distance is short, they get more motivated to do their best to achieve it. Kivets, Zhen, and Urminsky furthered their studies and separated the customers into two groups in the reward club. A 10-boxes stamp cared was given to group A for each member to get it stamped to be entitled to a free coffee. On the other hand, group B was issued with 12-boxes whereby two of them were already stamped. Even though both cards required the same amount of purchase to qualify for a reward, those who had two already stamped filled their cards stamped faster. The two boxes that already been stamped gave a perception that they were closer to the objective and made purchases more often to reach the target faster. It is therefore advisable to leverage this effect when designing the loyalty program so that participation is at optimum. When it is fun doing it, the customers might perceive it as some sort of competition and buy more often.

  1. Create Nostalgia Through Emotions

Rational messages are less memorable compared to emotional messages. However, it is vital to creating a scenario whereby nostalgia is the end game rather and greed. Nostalgia and greed would make them buy more. However, nostalgia is longer lasting. Studies have indicated that when nostalgia is elicited, the customer value money less and therefore can make purchases regardless of whether they are spending more. It could be catchy to leverage the aspect by using in-store musing and pictures that capture the interests and good times of the people, retro music holidays, families are some of the ploys often used, and the do the trick.

  1. Personalize

Things that are often important to people make them pay more attention to them. Quite often, when people hear their name (a word that magically activates some sections of the brain), also, when they hear something that they are interested in such as favorite band, sport or a country or a wonder that they have recently visited.

6. Get Good Equipment

When owning a Cafe, the most important thing is the equipment you use for making coffee, juices, cakes etc. You should make sure your equipment is of high quality which attracts customers to your cafe. You can find commercial coffee makers in Dubai  here.

Using the set loyalty program, it is easy to gain intelligent circulating the customers and their actions. The data can be used to personalize and optimize products, communication, and offers. Knowing the names of the regular customers can work magic too. When the people identified themselves with your café, they become frequent customers, and they come with others.