Tips Every Restaurateur Must Know

People in the food service industry spend a lot of time designing dining spaces with a captivating ambiance and creating appetizing menus. What restaurateurs often fail to do is to give adequate attention to the little details that make all the difference. The details we’re talking about here are table settings, the level of comfort provided by the furniture and the quality of the service.

If you are in charge of a restaurant and are looking for ways in which to make your patron’s dining experience more enjoyable, these are the things that you need to get in order:


Evolution is the key, you cannot stay at one single place for too long, you may become static, and the competition would destroy your business. To evolve appropriately, a restaurateur will have to lay his focus on people and effective communication with people. As long as you are unable to be in touch with your potential customers, you won’t be able to evolve correctly.

Know your customers:

In the retail food industry, the customer is the king, and you have to treat them like gold. Nothing serves better than knowing your customers well. If you know them well, you are halfway through success, because they are the ones who make your business successful. Pay careful attention to what they want in what manner and when they want. This may take time but don’t stop, continue doing what is required to be done and when you’re prepared for this, you may have achieved an ability to upsell their favorite items to them. An alternative way of doing this is creating a database of every common consumer and identifying patterns in the same and use it appropriately.

Creating signature dishes:

In a country like India, where there are people finding a rocking place to eat every day, you need to do something different to make people chose your restaurant. Many restaurants have increasingly started to come up with their signature dishes. Your signature dish should not look similar to anyone else’s, that’s the point of calling it a signature dish. Statistics reveal that word of mouth marketing brings about 3 % leads. You should speak about your signature dishes during your marketing campaigns and put up billboards in and around your restaurant, ask your staff to recommend them to the customers if they ask. If you succeed to make your dish popular, that dish alone would lead you to the stars, perhaps.

Treat your customers as gold:

In the restaurant business, there is no substitute for word of mouth. It almost certainly so happens that the person or the group of people visiting the restaurant will speak about it and share their experience. Now it isn’t necessary that they speak well of you, your restaurant, the food and the experience there. There is every possibility that they would speak negatively about their time and experience with you and nobody other than you would be responsible. Hence it is imperative to treat customers like gold.

Training to the staff:

No one appreciates an unpleasant behavior on the part of a waiter or a person who serves or a person who cleans. In fact, if their behavior is anything other than merry. Train your staff to greet the customers and interact with them in a friendly manner. This also works the other way round, when employees learn something different and new, they are enthusiastic to put it to use, and this leads to customer satisfaction.

Listening to complaints and working on them:

A lot of restaurants that I have come across duly take feedback from customers but hardly do anything to resolve it. Don’t do this. Listen to the complaints and work on them, work in them immediately. Delaying such things is as good as ignoring them. If your valued customer is taking efforts and making out time to give you feedback, you are insulting him if you don’t work on it. They are the people who care about the restaurant and hence they are criticizing constructively.

Maintaining a clean, hygienic and welcoming environment on an average life of the equipment’s and another dining area of the restaurant is around ten years, so it’s undoubtedly clear to buy the best quality that you can afford, paint it, polish it and maintain it. Dining area and the table is the place where your customers come, sit and wait for their food to arrive, a lot of people look at the artwork or decorations or paintings around.

Dirty baseboards or Chipped paint stand out and can ruin the overall experience and why they may or may not return to your restaurant. Many people, especially women choose their restaurant based on how clean the washroom and kitchen is, so it’s always recommended to ensure you have a person regularly attending these areas. Consulting a professional or some experienced restaurant designers and the equipment specialists would ensure any upgrades that may maximize your dining and space management.