Ways To Turn New Customers Into Repeat Customers

What is your expectation for a loyal customer? Hopefully, you expect those become a regular customer and buy from you again and again. I believe businessman is eager to possess a large number of regular customers. As we all know that, it is much easier and more cost effective to resell to a current customer than to acquire a new customer.

Even though we always need to find ways to bring in the new customers we need to have a system in place to keep our current customer satisfied. We now live in a world where customer expectations are everything. Like the old saying goes “what the customer wants the customer gets.” This saying has taken on new meaning, and it is getting harder to come up with unexpected ways of delighting and surprising the loyal customers.

The following are a few methods that can keep your customers satisfied and always coming back for more.

Keep the Customer be Early Bird

Everyone loves to be in the loop. So, make sure that your loyal customers always know what is going on first; whether that is an upcoming sale, new product launch, or some big news in your industry that could affect them as a consumer. A great way to do this is to get them subscribe to you via email, e-newsletter, or social media whatever way you choose to get the important information out.

Free Service

Why nickel and dime your customer if they already account for a large amount of your profits. The free service will go a long ago to making the loyal, long-time customer appreciate you that much more.

Keep Flexible

Are you always there when they need you? Always look to make yourself and business flexible. This could be as simple as opening up the store 15minutes earlier so they can stop by before work or returning a phone call later in the evening because it is more convenient for them.

Special Promotion

Run special promotions just for your loyal customers throughout the year. Look to have a system in place where more the customer spends with you the more they save, but you have to make it worth it for the customer. Giving your top customers 10% off is a slap in the face. Make them remember why they choose to do repeat business with you and make the promotion or sale a wow factor.

Free Gift

Many people in business give away gifts to new customers when they buy the products or service for the first time, but why not give a gift to our customer who already does lots of business with us. There is no better time to take this strategy than the holidays, but there is something to be said for receiving the random gift just because someone appreciates you. Trust me you’ll stand out more.

Check and maintain good quality of your products or services: For customers who have purchased your products before, try to serve them better and better. Never make them lose the trust they had in you. If you break an appointment with one of your customers or receive any complaint about the quality of your products, never try to void the problem. Instead, face it and talk seriously to your customers to work out some solutions or offer them compensation if necessary. In any case, assure them that the problem will not occur in the future.

A very important thing which may badly affect your image is the way you hire your customer support team. Remember that a business can never get loyal customers if it does not have loyal employees. Be extremely careful when your recruit your team and give them the best training to improve their skills to support your customers. You should also care about their living conditions. To earn your employees’ trust is to improve the image of your business in your customers’ view. This is very important!

In conclusion, once your business gains the trust and loyalty of some customers, try to maintain and develop the relationships with them. They will become a very effective marketing channel in the future. Always remember that good customer service is the key. Once you have it, customers will naturally come to you.